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IMPORTANT: Check the system requirements prior to enrollment.

Let Us Help You
You can email your questions to, or call customer service toll free at 1-866-444-1123.

Support Hours
Support is available during the following hours (Eastern):

Mon. to Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat.-Sun. Closed

After hours: Please leave a voice message or send an email message to; we will respond to your request the next business day. Voice messages and email messages left after 5:00 pm on Friday, or on Saturday-Sunday, will not receive a reply until the next business day after 9:00 am.

Course Completion Certificates vs. Proof-of-Completion Forms
Many jurisdictions allow students to print, sign and retain their own course completion certificates. Other jurisdictions require students to print, sign and submit a proof-of-completion form for each completed course to CE Network as an intermediate step; CE Network then returns a course completion certificate by mail. CE Network will automatically email a confirmation message to each student for each course, upon its successful entry to our compliance system.

Scheduled Website Maintenance
CE Network normally performs scheduled website maintenance on Fridays between 7:00am and 9:00am (Eastern). Although unlikely, website accessibility or course performance could be affected during this time.

On-Line Self Support
Self help options are available online throughout the CE Network learning environment:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is always posted, and updated based on current questions received through Service and Support.

System Requirements provide online technical assistance, allowing you to test your computer to ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements, and set up any software plug-ins required to run our course effectively.

CE Network regrets that it does not support any Macintosh® operating systems at this time. In order to ensure proper course tracking for compliance purposes we recommend using Windows®-based computers.