Frequently Asked Questions

Will my computer run CE Network courses?
Unless stated specifically in the course description, computers that successfuly pass the following test should be able to successfully run CE Network courses on this computer (check below). In order to ensure proper course progress tracking we recommend a regular (i.e. not wireless) internet connection.

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Do I require any additional software or plug-ins?
Yes. Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Windows Media Player are commonly used in CE Network courses. If you are not sure if you have the required plug-ins, click on the "Test" button available for each of these programs within the System Requirements menu. Follow the instructions for downloading only the plug-ins you need.

I had to leave the course temporarily while I was working on it. Now it says I’ve been timed out. What does that mean, and how do I get back to where I left off?

Your session will automatically be timed out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you attempt to continue, you will be advised of the time-out via a pop-up window. You will need to close the pop-up window, exit the course, log out of Course Manager, and log back in to continue with your session. Ensure you click “…or go to where you left off” on the course title screen.

  1. In the advisory pop-up window, click "OK", or click the "X" in the top right-hand corner.
  2. On the Course Manager screen, click "LOGOUT" in the top right-hand corner.
  3. On the CE Network web site, click "Login" beside Returning Student.
  4. Enter your "user id" and "password".
  5. Under Active Courses in Course Manager, click "Continue" beside the course name.
  6. On the course title screen, click “…or go to where you left off.”

I can't see the course after I hit Start from my CE Manager page. Do I need to turn off my Pop-Up blocker(s)?
Yes, please turn off all Pop-Up blockers while running CE Network courses.


Why am I unable to hear audio in the courses?
First, ensure you have a sound card properly installed in your computer. If you do not, consider purchasing one to enhance your learning experience with CE Network. Several of our courses require a sound card for successful course completion.

If you do have a sound card in your system and it is not working properly work with CE Network courses, try the following:

Test your sound card with other software programs to ensure the sound is working properly. If the sound is not working with your other programs, it won't work properly with CE Network courses.

Try closing all open programs prior to launching your CE Network course; there may be several programs accessing the sound card at the same time.

If sound still doesn't work after closing other programs, you may have a hardware conflict. If you suspect there might be a hardware conflict on your system, refer to your hardware documentation or computer vendor for tips on resolving hardware conflicts.

CE Network course screens aren't refreshing properly. What should I do?
If your screens aren't refreshing properly, make the following changes to override the web browser's temporary Internet files settings:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. From the View Menu, select "Tools", then "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "General" tab.
  4. Under the Temporary Internet Files section, click "Settings".
  5. Under the heading "Check for newer versions of stored pages", select the option "Every Visit to the Page".
  6. Click "OK" to exit.


Why is course progress not being tracked accurately after I complete a page or a module?
The tracking between your course and the CE Manager can be impacted by the reliability and speed of your Internet connection. This is because many variables are passed between the course and the CE Manager to properly track each page and module that you have visited or completed. If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection, you may experience inaccurate course progress tracking within your course or the CE Manager as page-tracking values may have been lost, overwritten, or sent incorrectly to our servers. To help improve the reliability of course tracking, please ensure that you allow an adequate amount of time for each page of the course to load before proceeding to view a new page; this will likely provide extra time for the course and CE Manager to send and update course tracking information. Course tracking accuracy should not impede your ability to successfully complete a course and receive your credit.

To change your windows font size, go to "Display Properties" in your Control Panel, and choose "Settings – Advanced". Change font size to small fonts. Click "Apply", then "OK". Restart your computer if prompted.

To change your font size in your Browser, from within Internet Explorer, select "View" on the top menu bar. Select "Text Size" Change the size of the text to Medium, Small, or Smallest. Test each text size to see which one resolves your issue.

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Cookies do not contain any of your personal information, and we do not use cookies to retrieve personal information about you from your computer.

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